The Talk

Tweet So yesterday I ran into one of the parents of girls who attend daycare with my daughters. She told me that her daughter was groped by one of the little boys. Now before you’re thinking I’m over reacting, we’re… Continue Reading

My News: Essays appearing in Torn: True Stories of Kids, Career & Modern Motherhood

Tweet I was contacted several months ago regarding submissions for a collaborative project about working mothers. Sam Walravens asked if I would be willing to contribute to show one aspect of being a military mother. Below is the video trailer… Continue Reading

Front Leaning Rest Position, Move!

Tweet So my kids have listening issues. Kind of like the vikings from How to Train Your Dragon on with less self sufficiency. My own yelling at them in return for this misbehavior has created, yeah, you guessed it, more… Continue Reading

Standing Still…For Once

Tweet Those who know me know I have a hard time sitting still. I’ve always got something going on, something that prevents me from sitting down on the couch and veging out. Which is odd because if you knew me… Continue Reading

The Adventures of Stunt Baby

Tweet The weekend started for me at 0200 Saturday morning as I hopped in a vehicle and headed to the Tuscon Airport for my flight back to Fort Hood. After landing in Dallas, I get a phone call from my… Continue Reading

The Swingset from Hell…But Fun

Tweet Okay so the next time I raise my hand and say, I think I’ll build my kids a swingset, someone slap me. Everything hurts. When I say everything, I mean from the top of my head where I hit… Continue Reading

The Rituals that Keep Us Sane Pt 1

Tweet Deployment Rituals I’m discovering that I have certain deployment rituals, things that give me a sense of comfort in the world that now has a husband sized hole in it. This is the first deployment that he’s been gone… Continue Reading

Deployment Sucks

Tweet This Week Sucked It took until Friday for my daughter to break down. I heard a noise from across the house then nothing. Then I heard it again. I padded across the floor and heard her heartbreaking sobs. I… Continue Reading

The closer it gets

Tweet It’s getting closer. The thought of my husband deploying again and knowing I’m stuck back here, waiting for the phone calls and the emails is slowly but surely eating away at me. It keeps me up at night, it… Continue Reading